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Event Activities

Are you ready to discover a magical tradition? Join the fun in an educational and cultural way! Check out our different event activities for this year.


Altar Offerings

Learn about altars, offerings, and their meaning.


Altars are an art form and personal expression of love towards one's family members that have passed away.


Art Exhibition

Enjoy Art Exhibitions by local artists, students, and community members.

Catrina Contest 

Dress up like a catrina and get a chance to win a prize! Make sure you enter the contest at the Latino Arts For Humanity tent.


Live Music

Enjoy live music for local bands and artists. From Mexican folkclore to rising local artists.

Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 5.53.13 AM.png

Calaveritas Literarias

Translates to 'literary skulls'. This Day of the Dead tradition is a short and humorous poem that poses imaginary situations and the encounter of a character with death.

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Day of the Dead crafts for kids, including painting, coloring, decorating, and other educational crafts!

Art Vendors

Find artisan-made crafts and other popular folklore items.

Face Painting

One of kids' favorite activities! Kids can choose their own face painting design, including a catrina or a day of the dead related character. It's FREE!


Enjoy delicious Mexican food with traditional meals, snacks, and desserts.


Event Merchandise

Official merchandise from the Latino Arts for Humanity organization and Day of the Dead Columbus Festival. 

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